The Multiple Uses of Face Shields

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The Multiple Uses of Face Shields

With the use of face masks required in almost every major city across the globe since April 15, a new normality began to set in. Within this new norm, other protective measures quickly became popularized due to their fuller coverage and discrete appearance. Welcome reusable face shields, the latest, most reliable partner to your everyday duties.

Now, you’ve read about them each. Face shields, face masks.. You know their pros and cons. With both options available, a bigger question pops up: How and when should you use which? Or, should you use both? We asked different users –of different ages, interests, and jobs– how they used theirs, to get a broader view of the multiple uses of face shields, with and without face masks.

  • Sarah, mother of 3, works with the hearing impaired and enjoys the occasional walk at the park.

Medical face shields are a great alternative for those who cannot wear a face mask. “I work with people with hearing impairment and it wouldn’t be possible to complete my job with a face mask on. If it wasn’t for our face shields we wouldn't be able to interact”, says Sarah.

She also tells us how she uses her reusable face guard plus her face mask when visiting certain grocery stores. “It really depends on the establishment’s regulations, and how crowded the place is. Sometimes I use both and sometimes I only use the shield… it’s much more comfortable.”

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Sarah mentions how her children’s elementary school, located in Palm Beach County, Florida, encourages the use of medical face guards as a replacement to the mask for the back to school season.

  • Kyle, 27, has gone back to work at the office and spends his afternoons Crossfit training at the gym.

“I usually go to work by public transport, so in that case I prefer to use both. But once I enter the office building, and do the whole hand washing ritual… I just keep the plastic face shield on. I really don’t even remember I have it on unless I see my reflection on a window,” chuckles Kyle.

He shares with us how ecstatic he was when retaking his Crossfit training and how it was only possible with the use of his face guard. “Yeah if you’ve tried exercising with a face mask on, you know how suffocating that is. I tried lots and none of them worked. The plastic face guard works just fine. I can’t do all of the exercises I did before while using it but I mean, it’s good enough for me. I missed the gym.”

  • Matthew, 56, has begun to reactivate his business travel.

“Game changer for me. I travel a lot for work.. Well, I began traveling once more. I really feel much safer while using both. Not on a daily basis though. I usually just keep the shield on and add the mask for extra protection, like when moving around the city,” says the New Yorker.

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  • Pam, 68, attends her weekly doctor checkups, followed by a stroll around town with her grandchildren.

While Pam, who suffers from hypertension, is part of the at higher risk population, she still has to attend her constant doctor checkups and therapy.

She tells us, “At first I was receiving at home therapy. Now, things have slowly moved to the doctor’s center. I always wear both the medical shield and the mask when I go… I can’t think of a way I could feel more protected. My grandchildren drive me there, and then we go for a bite downtown. I take off the mask then, and they do too. I missed them... And seeing their smiles.”


You Choose How to Use it.

If you decide to go for the face shield alone or the face shield with face mask, it’s up to you. As long as you are taking care of yourself and others, you get to choose how and when to use which. The one key advantage that a face shield provides is that it stays put and keeps you from touching your face, while also protecting your eyes. This feature, backed up by multiple physicians, strongly outweighs any other deficiency that people might postulate about the protective gear.

The multiple uses of face shields –with or without a mask– really depend on your current working and/or living situation, your leisure preferences and your overall comfort. A little heads up, if you do decide to go for a face shield, make sure that it provides you with full coverage. Remember, this is something you’ll probably be wearing daily, so finding one that provides comfort and protection is key.


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